Third Party Case Studies

Prior to the formation of Canton Port Services LLC, founder and President, Rex Wheeler spent a portion of his career consulting maritime and transportation companies in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. These companies had sufficient assets and good people. Each company had different needs in order to become more focused, detail oriented and ultimately more profitable. Through these experiences, Wheeler developed the Canton Stevedoring strategy of listening to clients and working closely with the entire team to modify systems and effect real change with positive results. Please see our success stories below.

A tug and petroleum barge owner needed more control over inventory and real-time access to barge activities.

Canton Stevedoring developed a web-based inventory management system enabling dispatch and management to locate any vessel any time to see all activities of the fuel loading or delivery operation. Thus, the company was able to access and provide real-time information increasing efficiencies and service to their customers. This set the company apart from its competitors and the system is still in place today.

A marine terminal operator near Philadelphia sought increased profitability from its operations and a reduction in costly errors in warehousing and cargo delivery.

Canton Stevedoring analyzed the company by department, customer and cargo activity. The team managed Stevedoring, Warehousing, Terminal Operations and Customer Service departments, training each in best practices. Upgrades to the Terminal Management software and introduction of a new warehouse location system stopped the errors. By analyzing the various cargo activities, he was able to show the company how to focus their assets and price their business for success.

A vessel owner/operator was searching for a location to continue marine terminal operations.

On behalf of the client, Canton Stevedoring staff located an available property. We developed the new facility, negotiated the contract, managed the necessary dredging, and ensured compliance with federal and local regulations. Our staff took the position of Facility Security Officer, implemented a Facility Security Plan (FSP), oversaw the construction of new fencing, lighting and all other security requirements of the FSP, and successfully operated the facility in accordance with U.S.Coast Guard regulations.

Today our Third Party Facility Management provides Marine Terminal Management, Stevedoring, Warehouse Management, Union and Non-Union Labor Hiring and Supervision, and Safety Program design. Software development, RFID tracking and barcoding systems are some of the areas of Technology where we can help. Terminal Owners or those planning to develop a cargo facility can take advantage of our many years of combined experience in marine transportation and terminal management.